Building Department

Welcome to the City of Mayfield Heights Building Department. The Building Department serves residents, businesses and developers by supporting new construction projects, renovation of existing buildings and building expansions as well as providing multiple housing programs to ensure the integrity of our homes.

Our staff is dedicated to providing user-friendly, professional customer service in order to simplify the process for individuals and companies to achieve their building and zoning objectives in a code conforming manner.

We are the gateway for development. In unison with the Planning Commission, Economic Development team and our Safety Forces we actively encourage investment and reinvestment to ensure the City remains an attractive and vibrant community in which to live and work.

The City adopts the most current modern day building codes and our staff, collectively, has over 100 years of code review and enforcement experience resulting in a more beautiful community and a safe, secure, and balanced environment.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, consistent, and clear information in regard to our building and zoning code and associated processes relative to any project or request. Anyone planning improvements of any sort should take advantage of and review all the information on this site.

Braden Thomas
Director of Building

The Building Department can be accessed from the rear of the Municipal Complex.
Building Department Entrance