Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all phases of financial management that are mandated by federal, state and local statutes. The department must:
  • Prepare an annual budget
  • Monitor and control the disbursement of all monies entrusted to it
  • Process all revenues received
  • Issue timely and accurate financial reports
  • Invest funds in accordance with state and local regulations
  • Certify fund availability for all purchases of materials, services and equipment necessary for the efficient operations of all city departments
  • Process the payroll for all employees of the city on a biweekly basis in accordance with all ordinance and contract provisions
Tax Revenue
The City of Mayfield Heights has a diversified tax base that provides the resources necessary to support the many services that the community has come to expect from the city administration. Income tax provides over 55% of all General Fund revenues. The other significant source of revenue is the property tax.