About Us

Department's Mission

We are committed to providing fire suppression, medical services and other emergency and non-emergency activities to the residents of Mayfield Heights. We accomplish this mission through training, education, and dedication to the protection of our membership and the community.

Services Provided

The key services provided by the department include emergency medical, fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, and the special operations of technical rescue and hazardous materials.

Location & Staff

The fire station is centrally located at 6154 Mayfield Road. Fire Department quarters are part of the overall municipal complex located at the same address. It is a 2 story building constructed in 2002 with 8 fire bays, complete living quarters for firefighters, administrative offices and a large training classroom.

The full-time staff is comprised of a Chief, an Assistant Chief, a Fire Prevention Officer, Administrative Secretary, and 3 shifts of 11 members each. Each shift has 1 Captain and at least 1 Lieutenant. Nine firefighters round out the manpower strength. Dispatch services are handled through the city's communication's center in the Police Department. The Department operates 3 rescue squads, or ambulances, 2 pumper fire trucks, 1 aerial ladder truck, 6 utility vehicles, and the East TechTechnical Rescue Truck.

Prevention Goals

In 2021 the Department responded to 4563 calls for service in a city where the population is almost 20,000 permanent residents and up to 50,000 people who travel through or work in Mayfield Heights. Over 80% of all calls are medical-related. These, like all reported calls for emergency service, require a safe and rapid response by Fire Department personnel.

The primary goal of the emergency medical services is to assure that responding units provide excellent prehospital care and transportation to the closest and most appropriate medical facility in order to reduce morbidity and mortality. The Department considers its Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics to be the most experienced and highly trained in the area.

The Mayfield Heights Fire Department takes great pride and strives to achieve minimal fire loss to all calls for service. It remains the Department's primary goal to protect lives and property, while at the same time protecting the economic base of real property that generate the tax dollars that makes our community strong.

Perhaps even more important than fire suppression is preventing fires from starting in the first place. Education of the public, especially children is accomplished through programs in the schools, fire drills, Fire Prevention Week, Safety Town and safety lectures by Fire Department personnel. The Fire Prevention Bureau also focuses on educating its senior citizens where they work, live, and meet.

Technical Rescue

The East Tech area Technical Rescue Team is a specialized group of highly trained personnel from 14 area departments including Mayfield Heights. They maintain expertise in the following areas:  building collapse, swift water, ice, dive, rope, trench, and confined space rescue, along with hazardous materials decontamination. The City of Mayfield Heights Fire Department is also a member of the 13 community Heights-Hillcrest Regional Fire Investigation Unit which is charged with investigating fires for origin and cause within the partner communities