Department Profile

Organizational chart for the Police Department

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  1. Patrol Division
  2. Administrative Division
  3. Communications
  4. Community Operations

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for enforcing the Codified Ordinances of the City of Mayfield Heights and the Ohio Revised Code. Their duties include the protection of life and property as well as preserving the peace. Traffic law enforcement and accident investigation are additional duties performed daily. The Division also plays a significant role in crime prevention and detection. Members of the Uniform Division are often called upon by the public for assistance when they have no one else to turn to.
Contact: Captian Donavin Paquette

Auxiliary Patrol Unit

The Auxiliary Patrol Unit acts as a support mission for the Patrol Division and Traffic Unit. They are available for traffic control assistance and emergency weather-related situations. This unit comprises all volunteers who wish to contribute to the community's safety. Their commitment makes it possible to double the workforce of the police department in emergencies, and their efforts are deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.
Contact: Captain Donavin Paquette