Suburban Police Anti-Crime Network (S.P.A.N.)

S.P.A.N. is a group of area police departments that pull their resources to maximize their capabilities and minimize cost to each individual city.  The SPAN police specialty units are comprised of members from Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, and Richmond Heights Police Departments. The S.P.A.N. specialty units are:

  • SWAT Team
  • Bomb  Squad
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Accident Investigation Unit
  • Drug Enforcement Unit

S.P.A.N. Drug Enforcement Unit
The S.P.A.N. Drug Enforcement Unit was established in 2012 with the cooperation of all S.P.A.N. communities to reduce the proliferation of illegal drugs in our communities. 

To report suspected drug activity:  email or call the anonymous tip line at 216-333-7131.