Auxiliary Patrol Unit

Auxiliary Patrol Unit

The Auxiliary Patrol Unit is made up of approximately 28 volunteers who conscientiously desire to promote the objectives and purpose of the police department. The unit acts as a support mission for the Patrol Division and Traffic Bureau. They are available for traffic control assistance and emergency weather-related situations. This Auxiliary Patrol Unit comprises all volunteers who wish to contribute to the community's safety. Their commitment makes it possible to double the workforce of the Police Department in emergencies, and their efforts are deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.

Operating Values
Ethical behavior, respect for the dignity of others, collaborative partnerships with our community, operating a well-run organization, pride in service, and professionalism. The purpose of these values is to align our organization so that everyone is working cohesively toward the same desired goals. As Auxiliary Officers, we are passionate and committed to serving the citizens of Mayfield Heights and the Mayfield Heights Police Department.

Policy and Procedure Handbook


Donavin Paquette
440-442-2323, ext.360