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The Mission of the City of Mayfield Heights Police Department is to efficiently provide the highest quality police service to the community. Each day we work to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to fair and impartial law enforcement that respects individual dignity and rights. We are committed to promoting a safe environment through a police-citizen partnership, emphasizing mutual trust, integrity, and professionalism. 

Your Comments are Welcomed

When a member of the Police Department provides outstanding service, we want to hear from you, and when we fall short of our goals despite our best efforts, we want to know that too.


We are always grateful to hear stories about the good work of the Mayfield Heights Police Department. We especially appreciate hearing those stories directly from you. 

Good Works/Say Thanks
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When we fall short of our goals, we want to know about it to evaluate ourselves and our work and improve the service we provide to the community. You have our promise that your concern will be thoroughly investigated and, when necessary, corrective action taken.

File a Citizen Concern

Please Note

  • You are not required to give your name; however, by providing it, you make it more likely that we can conduct the most thorough investigation possible.
  • Your concerns will be thoroughly investigated, and if the actions in your complaint are found to be criminal, the matter will be handled exactly as it would for all citizens, and it will move through the standard legal process. If the actions were improper but not criminal, disciplinary action will be taken. If it’s found that the conduct was proper and lawful, we will want to explain that to you. 
  • We will take appropriate legal action if an investigation reveals that a false complaint was made intentionally.
  • If you have provided your contact information, you will receive a call from the Chief of Police or another administrative officer informing you of the outcome of the investigation.


Chief Anthony Mele
440.442.2323 ext. 386