Promises Made. Promises Kept

Issue 9 - Earned income tax increase makes improvements possible!

Per a November 25, 2019, City Council vote, a 0.5% earned income tax increase was placed before voters on the March 2020 ballot. The proposed earned income tax issue resulted from a 2019 community engagement survey in which citizens expressed a desire for an upgraded recreation facility and a community that is attractive for young families. The income tax increase would allow projects to go forward for updated parks, a new pool, connectivity trails, a more aggressive road program, and a new sidewalk program. 

Promised projects were underway immediately after Issue 9's passage starting with Genesee Avenue’s complete reconstruction with Worton Road following the next year. A pool, parks, and recreation engagement survey solicited feedback on improved recreational facilities with those results aided in the conceptual site plan for a new aquatic and community center (Phase I of the parks and pool improvements). The public was presented with the site plan in October 2021. The 2021 Sidewalk program began in September with broken sidewalks replaced on ten streets. 

Promises made are being kept in the city. Progress will continue. For updates on projects, click the links below.