2023 Proposed Road Program

Total Reconstruction

Crestwood Road
Richland Drive 

Resurfacing & Repair

Cordova Road
Indiana Avenue
Mayfield Ridge
Monterey Drive
Queens Park Avenue
Summit Drive
Valllivista Drive

Sidewalks on the streets listed in the proposed 2023 Road Programs will be repaired where necessary.

Spot Repair

Mayfield Road
Ridgebury Boulevard

2022 Road Program


Ashdale Road
Eastondale Road
Fairhaven Road
Longridge Road
Marshfield Road

Concrete Repair and Asphalt Overlay

Edgewood Road 
Elmwood Road
Iroquois Avenue 

Sunset Road 
Woodhawk Drive

Spot Repairs

Mayfield Road
Ridgebury Boulevard (partial county grant funded)

Road Program 2 - road construction and repairs

2021 Road Program

Road Maintenance

Ashcroft Group of Streets (Thanks to Issue 9)
Cedar Road
Bonnie Lane
Bonnie Place
Cedar Road
Eastwood Avenue
Gates Milles Boulevard (Thanks to Issue 9)

Giesse Drive
Golden Gate Boulevard 
(Residential portion)
Mayfield Road
(West of Lander)

Road Reconstruction

Worton Boulevard (Thanks to Issue 9)
Completed in December 2021.                 
Worton Park Reconstruction 11-5-21 #1Worton Park Reconstruction2  11-5-21Worton Park Reconstruction 11-5-21 #2Worton Park Reconstruction5 11-5-21

2020 Road Program

Road Reconstruction

Genesee Avenue (Thanks to Issue 9)

The Genesee Avenue reconstruction project was completed in 2020, with the final tree lawn restoration completed in Spring 2021. Thank you to the residents of Genesee Avenue for your patience during the construction project.

Graphic says Genesee is complete with a photo of the new pavement