Animal Control | Animal Warden

The City of Mayfield Heights has contracted A & S Animal Control to provide animal control services for the city, including setting traps, relocating animals, and educating residents on alleviating nuisance problems. If you have an animal problem, please call the Police Department Dispatch at 440.442.2323. 

Please note:

A&S Animal Control is a third-party independent contractor that provides animal control services for the city.  The following are the services and pricing that A&S provides:

  • One (1) service call per calendar year for any residence within the City at no cost to the resident.
  • Setting a trap is considered a service call.
  • The trap will be left out for 5 business days and will be checked daily.  The trap will be pulled over the weekend and replaced on Monday if needed to hit the 5-day total.
  • After the trap has been out for 5 business days (regardless if an animal was caught or not) and the resident requests the trap to be sent again, the resident is charged $350 plus tax for this service.
  • If residents can demonstrate that they have followed directions of A&S to correct issues such as removing bird feeders, etc., A&S may consider a second trap in a year.  This is at the discretion of A&S.
  • A&S will not enter the attic of any house or go on the roof of a house.
  • Residents requesting service from A&S must first call the police department at (440) 442-2323.  After the dispatcher receives the pertinent information from the resident, the dispatcher will call A&S to respond to the resident's home.  
  • A&S will only respond to calls outs that are received by Mayfield Heights Police Dispatch.  If a resident calls A&S directly, they are instructed to call the police department to request A&S.
  • A&S services include calls involving skunks, raccoons, injured deer, dogs at large, coyotes, bats in the house, etc.