C.A.R.E. (Communities Assisting Residental Elders)

CARE is a membership program that supports older adults to age in place with dignity by assisting senior homeowners with completing projects around their homes and properties.

Care Volunteers are diverse and dedicated and include individuals, couples, faith-based groups, coworkers, students, youth, families, and friends from a wide array of backgrounds, skills, and abilities. Some Volunteers sign up for one-day projects, while others volunteer regularly.

Services provided are based on member needs. The most popular requests are for seasonal yard care. Other services can include minor painting, repairs, organized projects, and more.

Cost - for those who are income eligible, there is no cost. For others, participation is still welcome, and we can review any associated costs with you.

Contact CPA for CARE Membership at 216.970.0599 or visit the CARE website.