aerial view of the playground

It's All About the Smiles: ADA-approved Playground

It's All About the Smiles and Grins

By: Sean Ward, Director of Parks & Recreation

Halloween is over and done, but the remnant of candy and treats continue to make children grin from ear to ear. In the subsequent months, the holiday season will create many more memories and opportunities to see our children's smiles, which make the dullest of days bright. Brief pockets of time like these create happiness for everyone. One perpetual goal of working in the recreation field is to seek those smiles and grins daily. It is what drives the creation of programming and activities and has influenced various aspects of the new aquatic & community center project. As we started to plan the aquatic and community center, one aspect, in particular, was designed to create those daily smiles and grins coveted by the department; the newly added ADA-approved playground.

 The playground layout was meticulously planned along the project's north side and directly facing Marsol Road.

Highlights of the project include:

  • 8,408 Square Feet of Poured-In Place Rubber Surfacing
  • An area with play equipment for 2-5-year-olds
    • Shaded Net Tunnel
    • Spiral, Curved Zip, and Rumble and Roll Slides
    • Various Climbers
    • Sensory Panels
  • An area with play equipment for 5-12-year-olds
    • Tower Climbers
    • Star 2 Net Climbing Tower
    • Tower, Tube, and Sky-Hi Tube Slides
    • Shaded Bridges and Tunnels
  • ADA Compliant Pieces
    • Sensory Panels 
    • Rock N Raft
    • Expression Swing with Adaptive Seat
    • Transitional Play Areas
  • 4-person See Saw
  • 33' Skyrun Zip Track
  • Sway Benches 
  • Shaded Tabletop Area

While the holiday season is fast approaching and many more memories are about to be captured, we hope you take the time to add a smile or a grin to your face as you view the playground layout and imagine what fun your children or grandchildren will have this summer when they get a chance to play on it. Click here for more pictures of the new ADA-approved playground.