Like an on-ramp of the freeway, so goes a construction project!

Like an on-ramp of the freeway, so goes a construction project!

By: Sean Ward, Director of Parks & Recreation

Aquatic & Community Center Construction site on 11.8.22- 5With a snap of the fingers, the calendar reads mid-November—zero to sixty, like a Fast and Furious movie. Going from zero to sixty on the calendar is one thing. Going zero to sixty on a construction project is another thing entirely.

But just like driving on the freeway (next to the new aquatic center, of course), you don't go from zero to sixty, or seventy for that matter. There is a buildup from the on-ramp, creeping, making your way, merging into traffic, and then maximizing your top speed. The same is true on the construction site. While it seemed that very little was going on, much underground and prep work needed to be done before any structures could be built. All the things are unnoticeable when you walk into a finished building but are necessary for the bones of the project, such as water detention areas, sanitary and storm sewers, and gas, electric, and water lines.

As the pedal nears the floor, the speed ramps up but does not quite get to max speed. That is where the project is currently. The Service yard is nearly complete; the parking lot's curbs and islands are in place; the cinder blocks are going up for the gymnasium; the pool's deep end is dug out, and the building's foundations have begun to be poured.  

We are on the verge of getting to top speed. Things are happening at a great pace, and you will start seeing things pop up daily. Excitement is definitely in the air, and you can visibly see progress. Check out the updated pictures HERE.