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Quality Service Evaluation

  1. We are interested in having your input concerning the quality of service that the Mayfield Heights Police Department has provided to you during the incident you had listed above. It is important for our Police Department to be sure that we are providing quality police services. If you don’t mind I would like to ask you about the service you received when you had contact with our Police Department.
  2. if known
  3. Were you professionally greeted by the Dispatcher?
  4. Were all your questions or concerns addressed by the Dispatcher?
  5. Did the Dispatcher make you feel at ease calling in?
  6. Did the Dispatcher provide you with any additional helpful information?
  7. if known
  8. Was the officer professional while speaking with you?
  9. Was the incident handled professionally and to your satisfaction?
  10. Did the Officer make you feel comfortable calling for a report?
  11. Did the Officer provide you with any follow up information or prevention message?
  12. How would you rate your overall interaction with our Department?
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